A local broadband company with a national appeal

Looking for specialist business broadband in Kent and the UK? Telnet UK may be exactly who you’re looking for. We’re a local company based in New Romney and love to develop great relationships with our fellow Kent businesses as we feel it enables us to provide a more personalised service! We don’t just extend this to our neighbours however, as we also cover the rest of the UK!

The modern business relies on staying connected at all times – failure to do so can be catastrophic, placing a company in real difficulty. Today the offices or headquarters of most small and medium businesses have an entire infrastructure that is fully reliant on a constant, uninterrupted connection to the internet. Their servers, customer data, internal intranet and communication systems may be tied to this also, therefore staying connected at all times is essential.

Telnet UK

In the UK, every business’s broadband needs became even more important following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. Not only is reliability a priority, but so is security. It’s now a business’s responsibility to make sure any sensitive data they hold is secure and kept private. Failure to comply with GDPR can not only lead to hefty fines but can also be detrimental to any small business’s future trading prospects.

Telnet UK understands this, offering specialist business broadband Kent companies can rely on. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients connected, enabling their daily business activities to go on uninterrupted. We will also make sure that your connection is secure, and that you as the customer, are in control.

As a provider of quality business broadband Kent and UK-wide, we make sure that our clients come first by providing dedicated team members for you to contact at Telnet UK. If you have a question regarding your phone and broadband or are in need of technical support, we are always on standby and prepared to help. As a local provider, we are easy to reach, but our broadband services equal that of a national company.

If you are looking for specialist business broadband in Kent and the UK, get in touch today.


An excellent product comprising of both phone and broadband services. It offers cost-efficient communications to the small office or home worker, available with a range of download allowances and speeds.

Good for Small Offices or Home Workers


Offering download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.3Mpbs, ADSL2+ is the ideal choice for those seeking a faster connection.


Good for Small to Medium businesses


Annex M is the perfect choice for those companies requiring a superior upstream speed (up to 2.5Mbps), and provides a low-cost solution for those looking to network their offices.

Good for Medium-sized companies

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